Welcome to Clearview Valley Farm..


Struggling to get Healthy Food on the table for the Family?

Want to change your diet and eat Clean, Chemical-free Foods?

You are at the right place!

We offer Raw Milk and Dairy, Pastured Meats and more foods that are free of any Chemicals, Hormones, Antibiotics, Soy, and GMO's.

Our Traditional Amish Family Farm practices sustainable, biodynamic methods in accordance with Weston A. Price Foundation standards.

We are Nestled in the nutritious heartland of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

We ship directly to your door if you are within the US.

This is a Private Membership Association..

There is a contract that you will be required to Sign before the food will be shipped.


About the Farm

This is a Family Farm, and we take daily care of all our animals and they provide us with Healthy foods.


Take Action

Ready to start getting Raw Milk? Go Ahead and place the order, and the Farmer will get back to you if he needs anything.