About Clearview Valley Farm


Do you want to do better in making more homemade meals for the Family?

Do you feel overwhelmed by reading the labels on your food?

Do you want to trust the food you give the Family?

I know exactly how you feel. With the Family keeping you busy, you hardly have time to make a big meal.

I am here to help you get Chemical-free foods on the table every day.

We offer organic foods that you can prepare for when you are “On The Go” and you feel good about yourself.

We are an Amish Family Farm in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. (Amish meaning: we don’t use a lot electric around the farm. No big farm machinery, No technology or cell phones. Most of the Farm Work is done by hand.)

Hi, I am Gideon Lapp,

And I welcome you to a world of good food that has been raised by hand, without Chemicals, and has been raised the way our Creater wants food to be raised.