3 Amazing tips to save you Money on Raw Milk!

I know shipping cost a really lot, and paying for shipping seems to be a waste of money. And with my tight budget, I can hardly afford it. But I want my food to arrive fresh and cold!

For me as the Farmer, I don’t like charging you so much for shipping, but I may not be wasting Money so I can keep shipping food to you in the years to come.

So Today I will give you 3 tips that will help you save money, and will be easy for me as well!

Tip #1, Most Important step: Return the insulated box and ice packs.

The Insulation and ice packs cost you $20 when placing the order, then if the insulation and ice packs are returned, I will give you a $15 discount code for your next order.

I prefer you would get 2 or 3 orders, (Or 3 boxes) then pack all the insulation in a big box, and return everything as 1 box. That way you just have to return 1 box, then I will refund for 2 boxes.

EXAMPLE: If you have 3 boxes and a bunch ice packs.

First, If you have a big box laying around the home somewhere, (Like 1 that is 16 inches square or bigger)

Then get all insulation out of the 3 boxes, and put it flat in the big box, then squeeze the ice packs and packaging in the box. Then the boxes that had the food in, just cut all the tape, and smash them together and also include in the big box.

Once the box is closed, just take it to the local post office, Fedex Store, or UPS location, and ask then to send it to the Farmer. It does cost a bit something to return the box, but if you send 3 boxes back it would total up to $45 refund. See Address below.

If you don’t have a big box around the house, you can also just get all the insulation out, then put it flat in the box, and return it.

So the tip here is get 3-5 boxes, (Or orders), then pack the insulation tightly in a big box, and return it to the farmer. It gets well worth it.

TIPS #2 The Size and Weight.

The price of shipping depends on the size and weight of the item, so example for a gallon of milk: It is heavy and big. Now cheese is small and only around a pound. So stuff like butter, cheese, fudge, and more you can add to the order, and it hardly affects the shipping cost.

TIP #3 How much items go in each box?

Keep in mind that each box cost $20, and if it doesn’t fit in 1 big box, it will take another box.

You can sorta think how much goes in each box, Like example for milk there fit 4 gallons to a box, so if you order 5 gallons milk, the second box will only have 1 gallon in it, but the box still cost $20. So that might give you a few tips on what to order

Like I said, cheese and butter I can squeeze in any box without a problem, but the big products takes place.

And the biggest box we use is 12x12x12 in the inside of the box.

These are just tips, and I’m not telling you to try to order only small stuff. You may order whatever you want, and I’ll work with you.

I actually just started shipping food, and am still learning, so if anything goes wrong please let me know so I am aware of it.

I am known to work with my Customers. I go the extra mile to help each person get what they want, so If there is anything I can help you with, please email me, and I’ll reply asap. My email address is Clearviewvalleyfarm@gmail.com, and Me and Dad are the only people that will receive the email.

And Don’t think that we are a big business and don’t have time for you, we are a Family Farm and we don’t have anybody else interupting with anything. I have 6 Sisters and 3 Brothers, and we are from ages 3-21, so we are just young and we have been raised to work and help customers.

The last months I am Realizing how peaceful it is on the Farm. My cousins talk about their busy schedule of working at different places, and they wish they could work at home more. SO I feel blessed to have you as a personal customer of our farm.

I Look forward to sharing our foods.

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The Address to return the boxes is:

Gideon Lapp

309 Clearview Drive

Quarryville, PA 17566

Blessings wished to you and your Family.

How does the food stay cold till it arrives to my Home?

The Food is shipped in Insulated boxes, and we add ice packs to keep the food cold. Through experience we have learned how much ice packs it takes to keep the food cold till it arrives to your home.

(If you have already received food and it wasn't cold throughout shipment, please email Gideon Here.)

The Insulated box cost is included in the Shipping cost, while the box can be returned and we will give a refund. More info about shipping cost.

Where do we ship to:

We ship to your house by UPS anywhere in the United States. The Shipping cost can get very high for the western states.

Another thing that also makes shipping cost so much, Is the Big, heavy container of milk. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the box, and the gallon of milk weighs close to 8 pounds, which does change the shipping price a little bit.

Why Does Shipping Cost Soo Much?

Gideon does his very best to keep the shipping cost as low as possible to fit your Budget.

The shipping cost actually doesn't only cover the shipping cost, but also covers the Following 5 Things:

  • Shipping cost

  • Packaging and Handling

  • Ice Packs and stuff to keep the food cold during shipment

  • Membership fee (Needed for service of selling Raw Milk Products)

  • Cost of Insulated Box. (You can return this box, and you will receive a 75% refund, around $14-$17. We do not charge for the ice packs, so we prefer having them returned if at all possible. Click here for more info on how to return Boxes and insulation.

Again, we ship at the lowest cost possible, but shipping food can get expensive. But we make sure to insulate the food good enough so it stays cold until it arrived at your home.

We just ship every Tuesday, so the food isn't sitting in the warm Warehouses all weekend!