Customer Appreciation Day! Everybody Welcome!


Once a Year the Lapp Family at Clearview Valley Farm opens the Farm for customers and members to come and visit with the animals. There is so much to do all day long. We will give Farm Tours, Hay Rides, Chicken Tours, and will serve a big meal and Snack.

It will be a big day and everybody will have something to do. You will be able to visit with the Lapp Family, pet the cows and horses, and a whole lot more.

We have Our Customer appreciation day planned for June 8th, Saturdays. I know it is short notice, but we also want to have a Farm Day this fall.

So you are welcome to come to our farm in Quarryville, Pennsyvania, and enjoy a day or 2 with us. I know it is probably very far for you, so I also want to make a video about the day, so if you cant make it, I’ll try to make my first video about Farm Day.

Lunch will be at 11:30 then we will give hay rides, field tours, and then milk the cows towards 4:00. We will also have food available for about 15% discount, so bring your own cooler, and fill it full.

It cost $35 per adult, and children are free. Then the meals and parking are free.

So If you are interested, please comment below, or email Gideon Directly at

Below are some highlights we had the last few years