How does the food stay cold till it arrives to my Home?

The Food is shipped in Insulated boxes, and we add ice packs to keep the food cold. Through experience we have learned how much ice packs it takes to keep the food cold till it arrives to your home.

(If you have already received food and it wasn't cold throughout shipment, please email Gideon Here.)

The Insulated box cost is included in the Shipping cost, while the box can be returned and we will give a refund. More info about shipping cost.

Where do we ship to:

We ship to your house by UPS anywhere in the United States. The Shipping cost can get very high for the western states.

Another thing that also makes shipping cost so much, Is the Big, heavy container of milk. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the box, and the gallon of milk weighs close to 8 pounds, which does change the shipping price a little bit.