Why Does Shipping Cost Soo Much?

Gideon does his very best to keep the shipping cost as low as possible to fit your Budget.

The shipping cost actually doesn't only cover the shipping cost, but also covers the Following 5 Things:

  • Shipping cost

  • Packaging and Handling

  • Ice Packs and stuff to keep the food cold during shipment

  • Membership fee (Needed for service of selling Raw Milk Products)

  • Cost of Insulated Box. (You can return this box, and you will receive a 75% refund, around $14-$17. We do not charge for the ice packs, so we prefer having them returned if at all possible. Click here for more info on how to return Boxes and insulation.

Again, we ship at the lowest cost possible, but shipping food can get expensive. But we make sure to insulate the food good enough so it stays cold until it arrived at your home.

We just ship every Tuesday, so the food isn't sitting in the warm Warehouses all weekend!